Parker Construction

Parker Construction

Whether you are in search for a small boat to cruise the inland lakes and bays, a center console to fish the coastal sounds and waterways or looking to crush the competition in your next extreme deep water tournament on the open ocean, Parker provides a line-up to suit your specific needs. Each Parker features amenities and creature comforts to tackle your daily pursuits whatever they may be, while its rugged design makes it a reliable offshore fishing machine.

Parker’s construction utilizes common sense, time-tested design and straightforward approach, combined with the uncompromising dedication to the highest quality construction practices, has earned the entire Parker line the reputation of simplicity, strength and seaworthiness.


The inherent strength of Parker boats is comprised of a heavy laminate schedule coupled with the transverse-braced, box grid stringer system composed of top-quality, marine grade fir plywood. All models within the Parker Line are injected with closed-cell polyurethane foam to insure all voids are filled with foam offering floatation, additional strength and sound dampening.

Never compromise. Parker never compromises in their quest to build a long-lasting, quality product.


Enjoy the freedom to roam the open waters, fish to your heart’s content and don’t be burdened by constant maintenance or worries about durability. Parkers provides you with the peace of mind you have come to expect.

Parker understands that any boat is an investment, an investment meant to provide countless hours of cruising, fishing or pure enjoyment. With that understanding Parker never wants you to sacrifice comfort, performance, reliability or safety when making your next investment.


The waters of coastal NC are known as “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”, these conditions demand a boat be designed for harsh seas and the unexpected. Parker’s heavy construction, coupled with wide Carolina flared bow, reverse chines and lifting strakes all work together to push water away, providing a sturdy and dry ride, getting you back to the shore safely.