Crest Construction


Crest Pontoon Construction

Pontoon Construction

Other pontoon manufacturers don’t even compare when put next to Crest! Crest pontoons are engineered with four fully sealed, water tight chambers to keep you floating with unmatched safety.

Before leaving the factory, Crest pressure tests each and every chamber to ensure a precision built, air tight pontoon that is virtually unsinkable.

Crest Nose Cone

Crest Nose Cone Construction

Crest Pontoon utilizes the thickest and longest nose cones when building. This will help knock down rough waves and smooth out your ride. When constructing, Crest uses a .100″ thick aluminum – 33% thicker than competition to keep your ride dry, smooth and enjoyable.

Crest End Cap

Crest End Cap Construction

Like the bumpers on your car, a pontoon end cap takes a beating! At Crest they want to protect your investment, so they start by using the thickest end caps (.125 thick) – 25% thicker than most. For the best quality, they are made right in the Crest factory.

Crest Lifting Strakes

Crest Double Splash Guards

Two is better than one, so Crest secured two splash guards (excludes Crest I & II) precisely positioned on the nose cone. Consumers will feel a better ride quality, water spray is virtually eliminated, strength is added and the guards also protect your boat from impact.

Crest Pontoon Deck Build

Crest Deck Construction & Durability

Cross members give your hull strength. However, you can’t see them, so,…many brands skimp on them. Not Crest! Crest uses the thickest aluminum cross members(.250 thick or .190 thick) in the business – 50% thicker than many.

With Crest you get a superior ride quality, better proformance, handling and safety.

Crest Fencing

Crest Rails & Gate Construction

Many brands use arched fence rails and gates. Over at Crest, their rail corners and gates are 90 degrees for maximum safety, strength and durability – while virtually eliminating pinch points. Our fence panels are the thickest too at .04 thick.

Hd texture Crest fencing

Crest HD Textured Powder Coated Rails

Unfinished, uncoated and unprotected bare aluminum is antiquated. At Crest, they refuse to settle for this unsightly appearance, so Crest takes it up a notch and powder coat 100% of their fence rails. Powder coat is done in house at the Crest factory! Not only do you get the quality that is Crest, you also get a superior look and style.

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